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  • I saw a post about a minecraft community looking to migrate from a non open source forum software and decided to paste some of the details here.

    Maybe @psychobunny @julian can communicate with the site owner (via twitter or website?) and discuss if nodebb can be a better choice?

    Note: I removed the forum software name since I don't know what the policy is towards that.

    Below is part of the message that was posted.

    to [ ]?

    Custom pages: It's important for non-coder like me to create and edit custom pages. For [ ], I have to hand code the home page via my limited knowledge of HTML/CSS. I don't mind doing HTML, as long that the UI is good enough so I don't have to mess around with CSS.

    developers will raise money, spending on testing/servers/etc.. so you guys can keep doing what you are doing and grow the community. This is important because a software can be there for the long term if it has strong financials. It's good for me to feel that [ ] will be there for a very long time, and you guys are not afraid to ask for financial help in the community.

    Messaging system
    Wiki system
    Compatibility with CloudFlare (especially with their Rocket Loader bug). I know this is CloudFlare's fault, but somehow Rocket Load helps load site very fast. And I like it fast. 😉

    Simple text editor: I recently learned Markdown language so I can somehow write it normally. But newbies wouldn't be able to.
    Memcached compability.
    Working with external storage (AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, etc...)

  • Feel free to pass on their info to us ([email protected]), we'll reach out to them.

    Just some quick thoughts:

    • Custom pages via plugin
    • No, NodeBB does not work with CF. Websockets are blocked and Rocket Loader causes all sorts of shenanigans with NodeBB. Disable acceleration and use CloudFlare as a DNS proxy only.
      • There are workarounds, like routing websockets through another domain. This is unsupported, but should work.
  • Minecraft is my jam! If they decide on NodeBB, I'd be happy to make any minecraft-related plugins. ([email protected]) (I do Java too.) 🐴

  • @julian email sent. Hopefully they decide on NodeBB and not the other forum software. 😉

  • @charles Are you a part of that community? If so, definitely put a good word in about NodeBB, and have them reach out to us! We'd be happy to discuss those questions with their forum admin one-on-one.

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