Any Good Guides on saving User Settings for a Plugin?

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  • Looking for how to setup a user setting for a plugin. Probably put this into the User Settings of their profile area. I have a plugin project I found that has some examples to work from, but it would be nice if I could find some guides to accelerate this.


  • @Fou I'm looking to do this, too. Is that project somewhere public? How did you do this?

  • Newsletter does this. It's not too complicated really. You have to add the html block to the custom settings page filter, add a default value to the user settings object, and save the data back to the user's db object.

    Newsletter.filterUserCustomSettings = function (data, next) {
    	// data = {settings: {}, customSettings: [], uid: req.uid}
    	// data.settings is the user's db object. I check if my custom setting is defined and parse it into a boolean. (When it's saved to the database, it is a '1' or '0' for checkboxes.)
    	data.settings.pluginNewsletterSub = data.settings.pluginNewsletterSub !== void 0 ? parseInt(data.settings.pluginNewsletterSub, 10) === 1 : true;
    	// This adds an HTML block to the user's settings page.
    	// 'data-property' is what it will be saved as when sent to 'actionSaveSettings' below.
    		title: "[[newsletter:sub-setting]]",
    		content: '\
    		<div class="checkbox">\
    				<input type="checkbox" data-property="pluginNewsletterSub"' + (data.settings.pluginNewsletterSub ? ' checked' : '') + '> <strong>[[newsletter:sub]]</strong>\
    			<a name="newsletter"></a>\
    	next(null, data);
    // Here I just make sure the setting is always defined when I get a user's settings.
    Newsletter.filterUserGetSettings = function (data, next) {
    	if (data.settings.pluginNewsletterSub === void 0) data.settings.pluginNewsletterSub = '1';
    	next(null, data);
    // Here, I am saving the custom settings to the user's setting object. data.settings is populated with my custom settings from the 'data-property' above.
    // Here is also where I could check if the setting has changed, and take appropriate action.
    Newsletter.actionSaveSettings = function (data, next) {
    	db.setObjectField('user:' + data.uid + ':settings', 'pluginNewsletterSub', data.settings.pluginNewsletterSub);
  • @yariplus Thanks, that was perfect!

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