• When searching for a topic that contains the word github I get the following result:


    However it is extremely unintuitive to navigate to that topic from the search result:

    • Topic title isn't clickable
    • The username takes up way too much place and lures attention away of the content (the topic that contains github)
    • the result entry seems to have a lot of white space, not sure why that is
    • The only way to navigate to that topic in question is to click on the "posted" link.

  • @San1ty

    Search and the display of search results definitely need to be better implemented.

  • I agree too. Let's have a look at search after we hit 0.4x in next few weeks, we have a ton of things to get out of the way first 🙂

  • @psychobunny Ok, looking forward too it :)!

  • I just found out about nodebb and found that also very confusing.
    After a while I realised I had to click on "posted", but it's very counterintuitive.

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