plugin latest version not getting updated

  • i have forked and updated a plugin then pushed it to a new NPM package the latest version number is not getting updated though the latest version is 0.3.4 and thats what i get if i install with npm but if i used nbbpm it only pulls 0.3.3

  • it seems to have fixed itself im guessing the numbers are cached then?

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @lewismcmahon I believe nbbpm pulls info from NPM on a schedule, so it will take some time to update in certain cases.

  • Admin

    The package manager will poll npm for new changes every 10 minutes :smile:

    To answer your question -- yes, the compatibility table is cached, as we don't want to be pulling data from npm in real-time (that would be a tremendous waste of resources and bandwidth for npm!)

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