Possible to login to NodeBB using telegram?

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    Please provide more context on what you're trying to do. It will help to see if there is a way to avoid translating manually.

    It looks like you're trying to use it server-side. In that case, there are some complicating factors around providing the current user's language.

    Anyways, to import translator you want to do require.main.require('./src/translator')

    To translate a bunch of words there are a couple options:

    Join tokens into a single string and translate it, then split the tokens, like so const tokens = [ '[[myplugin:greeting1]]', '[[myplugin:greeting2]]', ].join('|||'); // language is only required if server-side here translator.translate(tokens, language, (translated) => { const [greeting1, greeting2] = translated.split('|||'); // etc });

    This works well, especially when you need to translate from multiple namespaces, but has a fair amount of overhead.

    Get translations directly and pick the ones you want, like so // language is required here translator.getTranslations(language, 'myplugin', (translations) => { const { greeting1, greeting2 } = translations; // etc });

    This works great with single namespaces but with multiple namespaces it gets a little more complicated.

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    i have an error when I try to upgrade v1.1.0 to v1.1.2

    0_1470912978713_Capture d’écran 2016-08-11 à 12.55.06.png

    I am using benlulbar/nodebb docker package.

    Do you think it is an error on my database, or on the migration script code ?

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    @julian I confirm. It is fixed.

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    Superb, thanks @julian much obliged.


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    I love to know how to connect Nodebb with 123flashchat.
    So members who register on the forum, can connect to chat with the same ID.
    In the admin panel of 123flashchat, there is a URL AUTH identification system.
    Could you help me to do this please?
    Thank you very much.