Domain name in password reset email

  • I have NodeBB behind an nginx proxy so requests are forwarded to localhost:4567.

    If the user goes through the process of resetting their password, the email they receive contains a link with localhost:4567 and so the link doesn't work.

    How can I change this so that the email will reflect the actual domain I am hosting the site on?

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @codecowboy set the "URL" property in config.json to your domain

  • @pichalite thanks that sorted it!

    Would you be able to upvote my question so that I can increase my reputation? I have to wait 5 minutes to make a post at the moment.

  • @codecowboy

    Same issue I had....

    I don't think I did end up solving it as fixing this issue broke emoji.....

    I'm small enough to deal with password resets manually for now but can't live without emoji hahahahahaha

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