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  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    I like this plugin is nice for shadow ban but is totally abandoned
    as we now have global moderator could be nice to make it work with that instead of superusers ( another abandoned plugin )
    anyone up ?

  • didn't know about that. nice one!!

    wonder if @psychobunny will be updating for v1.x.x

  • Admin

    We can update it for v1.x if we get a sponsor 😸

    For now, the site we built it for no longer exists, so we will not continue to maintain it.

  • Admin

    I never liked the idea of shadow ban myself, which is why I wanted to make it a plugin and not core. And even the client that commissioned it had lots of problems with their users eventually finding out they were shadowbanned. The fact that they're not around now anymore may give you an idea of that.

    I'd like to advise against it, it's not the best policy in the world, but if somebody would like to pay for us to upgrade it (probably 1-2 hours worth, including support for the next couple of minor versions of NodeBB) then, sure.


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