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  • Re: Password reset doesn't work [v.0.7.0]

    After an import from an older forum (punbb using importer plugin) which does not populate user passwords, I am getting the behaviour detailed in the older topic linked above.

    NodeBB version 0.9.2 - I need to stay on this version as the importer requires it.

    When I try to reset a users password, I see "Invalid email". The email address is definitely valid and in the database (mongo). I have configured the mailgun emailer plugin to use a sandbox domain and API key.

  • after the import is done and you're happy with it, you dont need to stay on 0.9.2, you can upgrade.

    I believe somewhere in the admin panel there is a way to test the mailer also.

  • thanks - this seems to be an error for a particular user. The only thing different about that user is that it was imported, and I changed the email directly in the DB (mongo) after import.

    I've tried running nodebb in debugging mode but nothing appears in the logs when I try to reset the password for that user.

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