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  • I just installed the Colors plugin on my system and came to the realization that visitors to the site will not know how to add colors to texts and many might not even know how to use Markdown.

    Now, I know that there is a link to Markdown at the bottom of the post editor, but I'll like to add some post editing/creation instructions specific to the site that are not part of Markdown. An example would be the feature that the Colors plugin brings to the table.

    So here's the feature request, if it's doable: A Posting Guide or Help tab after the Preview tab that's essentially a static page that contains instructions on the basics of Markdown and optional features like adding colored text. It will, of course, be editable and created by the admin or publisher.

  • I agree (to an extent), but I'll also point out that other forum softwares don't provide a guide as to how to write/format BBCode. That's not to say that we shouldn't just because others don't, just something to think about.

    The other thing is to take into account that markdown is just one parser in use. We could put help instructions into the composer, but if somebody switches their parser to BBCode (there is one for NodeBB), then the markdown help is not correct at all.

  • @julian

    Good points, but that's why I also said that the gide should be editable by the admin. For example, on my site, the Colors plugin is enabled, but that might not be true for others, so that's a site-specific guide that could be in the Help guide.

  • Oh, I know... how about a composer.help filter hook that starts off empty (''), but gets populated by each plugin? 🙂

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    @julian maybe you have something for hide something text? bcs it Снимок экрана (47).png
    doesnt work ,-,
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    Hey there NodeBB team,

    The chat feature integrated into NodeBB is great. One feature which would improve usability and convenience a lot would be the ability to quickly edit your last sent message by pressing the arrow up key on your keyboard (while the cursor is focused in the text box below). The current workflow requires to leave your keyboard and do all this by mouse which is not the best UX for a chat solution / not that intuitive.

    This would make correcting all these mall typos everyone does way faster 😉

    What do you think? +1 || -1 ?



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    How would you do that? Show me an example please.

    One reason not to it: You get dependent on third party services. Don't be evil 😉

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    Rather than dragging the button to make it bigger, just click it. 👍

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    Glad you like the idea. As for mobiles, we can show an " Expand " button. I am sure you can find a better name for it. 🙂