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  • Just been setting up nodebb (v1.0.2) to see whether it would be suitable for our project. A few things I have noticed that I think could be improved - apologies if some are already known:

    • Poor documentation for config.json when running behind a proxy - eg I found limited information regarding the "bind_address" parameter which is needed if you want the frontend url in /recent.rss but still want to bind to localhost.

    • no title text for the toolbar images when composing a message (so you get a description on hover) - would be useful so you don't have to guess what the icons are (they may seem obvious, but I think it's a simple improvement)

    • the "compose help" could be clearer - why not an icon on the toolbar ? When clicking it a popup mentioning markdown appears, the link opens in the same window. Clicking back gets back to the forum, and the post content re-appears if pressing "new topic", but the title and tags get lost (using firefox 45). Surely opening the composer docs in a new window would be preferable

    • the composer box keeps going offscreen when I am writing, and I am having to increase the size of the composing area.

  • @BuZz I would suggest you post the issues on the NodeBB github issue tracker

  • ok can do - wasn't sure if it was preferred to use the forum first (as it is on our project, as otherwise our bugtracker gets filled with support requests). Thanks

  • if the issues are not with your installation then I think the dev team prefers the github issue tracker so that they don't get lost in here.

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