New users Google-sso dont work with v1.0.2

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  • 2.x security update cycle

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    Great thanks @julian , It was just that I noticed that npm audit still shows those vulnerabilities in version 2 but version 3 is okay.

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    You don't run ./nodebb setup to upgrade.

    pkill -9 node to kill off NodeBB running on the machine. ./nodebb upgrade to upgrade ./nodebb start to start

    As for search... try re-indexing the forum content from the DB Search plugin page in the ACP.

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    Interesting. Please check cloud GUI for domain configuration. Do you have all fields filled there?

    Try to disable CloudFlare for test purposes.

    Edit: happy to see it fixed

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    This is the manual how to update/upgrade from v0.5.0 to v0.6.1 git checkout c9228f14837fcf2903923ebca3d90a0d1517a713 (I don't now why v0.5.1 doesn't work in cli and csrf token error) ./nodebb upgrade git checkout d341428ca1b88d56f7c7fe37d3e5e87d83bb0698 (v0.5.2 doesn`t work in cli too) ./nodebb upgrade git checkout cce076fc83e6a29c7d385ee757cce4b40c63daf2 (v0.5.3 work in cli, but I am not interesting in experiments) ./nodebb upgrade git checkout 1943f8fdfa573b40e8b0c5e23e68142a71b2cf93 (v0.5.4) ./nodebb upgrade git checkout d6c17d5cae66f2ab0d4174e1b6bdda24856eacbe (v0.5.5) ./nodebb upgrade git checkout e7ecd0f1eb81c54f33f51958b64aa937613bc99d (v0.5.6) ./nodebb upgrade git checkout 6748013c6534ed672184145ee7b5120eb07e7b47 (v0.5.7) ./nodebb upgrade git checkout accee7d05ba3f791627d439ac1c73cf5f858eebe (v0.6.0) ./nodebb upgrade git checkout 4686ae992318eeaaff1945868ee4cc094dcda17d (v0.6.1) ./nodebb upgrade git checkout c2656bf0b69ec05b1cbc123ef06ec0b14657cc8b (stable) ./nodebb upgrade npm up clear cache and cookies

    Is anybody knowing the better solution? Please, give me to know.

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    ok . thanks a lot