where is the link?

Technical Support
  • Someone talked to me about NodeBB and decided to take a look. Looks promising so naturally the next step is to install it. And this is where I am. Main page stats "Start free trial" but I don't want a "free trial" because it also means $$$. I want to install the server so I try to find the Forums, but no Forums, maybe Community? Great, looks like the right place. Try to find the documents "how to install" section but sadly none are found. I have yet to find a single easy, legible and accessible link from any of the pages to the docs section. I had to go through freaking GOOGLE to find

    I know that ppl want to be different, to differentiate themselves from others which is normal but seriously do not fart around around with the fundamentals. You mix and mash terms, You use "Community", which I guess is the "IN" word of the moment to get to Forums and once you are in "Community/Forums/ Technical Support" I see the use of Forums. Make up your mind ... Sigh!

    Can anyone tell me where the link is?
    Yes I know the link is now in this post. 😛 I would like to know it's location on the official pages.

    Thank you.

  • @Kuebeker there is no doc link on the official page. I went through the same thing you did and mostly referred to docs elsewhere to try to get something working but if you have any question, post on here and someone will be able to help you out.

  • +1 for a direct link.

    I guess the most direct at the moment is via github (pricing -> github -> Documentation & Installation Instructions) o_O . <-- now it's in mine too 😛

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