Possible bug: Notification only shows last serial event from user

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  • This may be a bug or it may be a feature or it may just be that I don't know what I am doing.

    My notifications list only shows the most recent event from a user although that particular user did multiple things that ended up being notifications. Specifically a user upvoted one of my posts, which caused a notification. A few moments later that same user bookmarked one of my posts which also caused a notification. Now though when I look at my notification thread it only shows the "bookmarking" from that user and not the upvote.

    Bug, feature, or normal behavior?

    Thank you.

  • To be more specific: it's been the same post 😉 might be relevant.

    As of gh#3912 (first item of checkbox list) I suppose it's normal behavior although I honestly don't like it this way since you could easily overlook an action.
    One further question ( @julian ) : does it collapse to the latest message or is there a priority (e.g. bookmark > upvote)?

  • @frissdiegurke Oh yes, I saw the behavior on the same post that was acted on multiple ways.

  • The latest notification is the one that is shown 😄

    Similar notifications are collapsed because they all go to the same place, though I agree that you might want to know that a person both favourited and upvoted a post of yours, and not want it collapsed...

    Those two events just happen to have the same "merge id", so we can change one of them.

  • @julian said:

    Those two events just happen to have the same "merge id", so we can change one of them.

    I don't know which way I want it. Collapsed is cleaner but that way I may not realize all of the activity directed at me.

  • A new event would be best thought "User XYZ has bookmarked and upvoted your post".
    But since this might be some extra effort I'm voting for separated events till then.

  • @frissdiegurke Yeah, that's the thing, it involves a lot of extra effort to capture the strings for all possible combinations...

    e.g. Upvoted, bookmarked, and replied: "@frissdiegurke has upvoted, @rod has bookmarked, and @qgp9 has mentioned you in a post you made in Some topic"

    One would say you could mix and match different fragments together, but then toss in the fact that different languages construct sentences together differently, and you see why the fragment idea won't work 😆

    It's enough to drive someone insane!

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