Group Titles Issue: userGroups always returns empty List

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    Running nodeBB 1.0.0 here with the persona theme.

    userGroups always seems to return an empty list on my system when I check the user/settings page via the API: "userGroups":[]

    Whether a user is assigned to one group, no groups or multiple groups, nodebb consistently returns nothing for userGroups, making it very hard to user group titles properly. Some who have been assigned to to a single group do have a valid return for groupTitle, but making any changes on the settings page will force groupTitle to "" (empty string) since the only selectable option for group title is "No Group Title" due to userGroups returning empty.

    Has anyone else experienced this or do you have any advice on debugging/troubleshooting this? I can't imagine any of the plugins I have would interfere with function surrounding getUserGroups . I don't want to report it as a bug because I figure someone else would have reported this a long time ago if it was an issue with the core code. Any thoughts would be super helpful.

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    Does it work on this forum? What hash are you on?

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    I figured it out from going through the code. I guess hidden groups are deliberately not populated in userGroups. Seems like it'd be helpful to have an extra flag for groups that determines whether or not it's selectable as a title aside from hidden (maybe I don't want the group or list of members to be available publicly but still want to use the associated title) but it might be too much of a corner case for me. For now, I've unhidden the groups that I really needed and made sure to disable join requests on them.

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