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  • Activity Stream plugin?

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    @julian said in Activity Stream plugin?:

    @crazycells said in Activity Stream plugin?:

    you search 'nothing' in posts and sorted by post time in descending order, you see the list..

    That's quite a clever solution 😊

    lol, actually I was thinking out loud 😄 just to see what it will show... sometimes, this helps to get inspiration. But in this case, I do not think our forum can get benefit from such a plugin, I believe @razibal has a very active and diverse forum, in such a case, this page might be beneficial. We have these alternatives with a similar purpose:


    By the way, @julian does registered users have an explicit group/group page? Because groups also show the posts by group members. Maybe @razibal can consider this.

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    I'm hoping to pull In some YouTube videos that will embed into the post, so pull in the YouTube category feed automatically.

    Currently getting a 'Status 404 error' when inputting the feed URL, any ideas?

    I have posted this is the actual plugin thread but without any response so far. Has anyone managed to pull in and embed YouTube videos direct into the posts?

    Thanks 👍

  • nodebb-plugin-ns-spoiler

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    Quick update, probably user error.

    I misunderstood "Restart NodeBB" to mean restart the process. When using the Restart button on the Dashboard and uninstall/reinstall the plugin works as expected in the simple case.

    Sorry to bother y'all. Thanks.

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    i am using 0.9.4 version of nodebb. I can't get it to work the nodebb-plugin-adsense in my app. I need to know if its compatible with 0.9.4 version?

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    Thank you @psychobunny! I'll look into how to modify the library for that.

    @lulzdevlol Nice to see someone else using Dredge! That's my favorite mechanic.