Issue: Moving Topics in NodeBB v0.8.2

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    No it goes in library.js since it's a server side hook. And you need to add the corresponding entry in plugin.json.

    // library.js myPlugin.filterMiddlewareRender = async (hookData) => { hookData.templateData.user = await user.getUserData(hookData.req.uid); return hookData; }; //plugin.json "hooks": { "filter:middleware.render": "filterMiddlewareRender" ... }
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    Anyone Install Nodebb forum by Node js application in Hawkhost's Hosting

    alt text

    I tried but failed. If someone ever did, please give me specific instructions.

    Thank you so much!.

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    The folder is probably named /home/nodebb/nodebb not /path/to/nodebb so try. cd /home/nodebb/nodebb to go to the installation directory. If that gives the same error you can list the contents of the /home/nodebb directory by the ls command and find out the real name of the nodebb installation directory.

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    @damian-gądziak Maybe you can try to debug by adding this in that function console.log(tids.length, uid, new Error('test').stack);

    Topics.filterWatchedTids = function (tids, uid, callback) { console.log(tids.length, uid, new Error('test').stack); async.waterfall([ function (next) { db.sortedSetScores('uid:' + uid + ':followed_tids', tids, next); }, function (scores, next) { tids = tids.filter(function (tid, index) { return tid && !!scores[index]; }); next(null, tids); }, ], callback); };

    I am guessing the function is called by a huge amount of tids, so the next step would be to find out why and from where.

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    make sure you have port 80 and/or 443 open on your firewall. I see 80 is open (I get the "Welcome to Nginx" message). So now you need to make a few changes in your nginx config for it to redirect 4567 to your site on 80/443 (http/https), as currently it is set to the nginx page.

    The docs has a config you can use, just make the changes like Pitaj has suggested and for https, you will need a certificate. Lets-Encrypt is free

    **Edit to add: Don't forget to restart nginx to use the new config