Best cheap host for a newbie?

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  • Hello,
    I'm a newbie and trying to make my own forum. I also don't have much money so I want it to be pretty cheap. What is the best host to use?

    I know nodebb themselves can host it, but it's a bit too expensive for me (plus my forum wont be big/popular), so I was going to try to do it myself.

    I tried it on openshift but I keep managing to destroy my set up (i tried adding a plugin and now it's dead).. so i was thinking of trying some place else. is there a good place to try this?

    also, can i experiment and run nodebb on my own windows computer?

  • Digital Ocean (use the nodebb guys link so they can get some money back on it, I haven't seen it in a while, maybe they can post it?)

    Yeah, openshift is really not for hosting live sites as I understand it. Its really only for development.

    Yes you can test it out and run it on your own windows localhost, I think its more difficult to get running on windows though (I did it once, but it took a little while). You might have better luck visualizing some kind of linux (Ubuntu or CentOS have the best directions for installing nodebb) in virtual box for testing it out. If you don't want to do that, wpn-xm might help you setup a dev environment on Windows. I think it supports nodejs, even though its aimed at php web development.

  • thank you! maybe i will try doing the windows one first.

    question if i use windows... if i modify my nodebb locally... and later upload it to a linux host, will that still work?

    or should i make a linux VM and run nodebb... and then later if i upload that to a linux host it will work better?

    sorry, i'm very new at this. ive only run a wordpress blog before but it was much simpler.

  • It should work, but I would just do a fresh install on the new machine, you'll need to install the dependent programs anyway, and the rest of the install is fairly painless. After that, you can just copy your changed files and/or database dump.

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