Firewall Issues when installing NodeBB on Centos

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    Hey we really need some help, please,

    we have a major issue, which we are finding very difficult, maybe someone with more knowledge can help.

    We have followed the instructions to download nosebb on our centOS on VPS,

    We are having FIREWALL issues preventing nodebb from working.

    please help, many thanks

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    You have to add firewall rule to allow traffic on port 8000 (WebSockets). [see below]

    Could you please post some more details? What kind of guide you've used to install?

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    Hey bro,

    thank you for responding, we used the following docs to install:

    how do we add a firewall rule/ where do we do this?

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    I will write here so others can benefit.

    First of all you should know a difference between CentOS versions. CentOS 7 is not the same thing as CentOS 6. You need to have an extra knowledge to configure CentOS 7 as they moved it to use systemd. Someone who is using latest Fedora is able to do this. You wrote me via chat about CentOS 6 so it will be easier to find sysadmin.

    Next thing to know. There are control panels to configure Linux services. System admin have to know which one you're using or not using it at all. It will be an easy task with Ajenti or DirectAdmin and can be a pain with something else. Most of the sysadmins are able to fix things by just using command line.

    Last and most important part. I recommend using CSF - ConfigServer Security & Firewall. It is available as a DirectAdmin plug-in. When installed will add a firewall rule in seconds.

    That's it. An easy task for someone experienced with machines running Linux.

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    #5 said:

    You have to add firewall rule to allow traffic on port 8000 (WebSockets).

    wot? Using websockets don't require you to open any other port than the ordinary one for http/https traffic.

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    Thank you hek.

    Problem here is to serve Wordpress and NodeBB using proxy and not a problem with firewall.

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