[nodebb-plugin-topic-tags] Add tags to topic based on topic title

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    NodeBB Plugin Topic Tags

    When enabled adds tags to topic using the words from the topic title when the topic is created. Ignores some common words.


    Use the ACP plugins page to install the plugin 
    npm i nodebb-plugin-topic-tags to install manually

    This is the first iteration of the plugin and I am sure it can be improved a lot.

    Post any issues on the plugins github page https://github.com/pichalite/nodebb-plugin-topic-tags

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    Plugin updated for NodeBB v1.x.x

    Also added an ACP settings page so admins can add words to ignore in addition to the one's defined in the plugin code.

  • @pichalite A quick note that adding this plugin is keeping my Nodebb from starting. I don't have easy access at the moment to paste in the error messages but I will as soon as I can. I'm running v1.0.2

    Something about not being able to call method split.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @rod should be fixed now. get latest version of the plugin.

  • @pichalite Thanks! The new release seems to be working. Well, at least my NodeBB is starting now.

    And, I apologize I should have just noted this problem on github as the original topic post requested.

  • @pichalite Tank's for this plugin ! 👍

    I have some ideas for give more "utility" and webmaster control on it... I doesn't know if it's hard to add that but it would be very nice if :

    • We can add a list of tag sugestion on the admin panel and limit the usage of tag at this list. (Today lot of people use tag variation and similar...). And for finish this point, can choose the forum category for this tag and level user authorized to use it.

    • If possible, add a merged option on tag to merged similar tag on only one (and doesn't need to delete it).

    With that, we can use tags for limit the number for subs forum. I can understand this ideas is not good for you but i want give you feedback. :).

    Tank's for your contribution work and sorry for me english :s .

  • Does the plugin have to be in a specific order ? Or is it dependent on theme etc ? Had trouble getting it to work on nodebb 1.0.2/1.0.3 with Persona theme. It is enabled/active but no tags seem to be generated when topics are created.

    Can provide more information as needed / logs etc.

  • Hey @BuZz , I am running this plugin on my production forum, and have been for a while, on v1.0.2 using the lavender theme and have not had any issues. There are a set of words it won't use to make tags from and if you provide a tag manually then it will not automatically create any tags.

  • This is a good idea and could come in handy for me if users don't tag posts.

    Is anyone still running this?


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