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  • Hello,

    New to NodeBB here. I have had a NodeBB v0.93 forum up and running without any dramas for a few weeks now, just mucking around with it.

    When I tried to visit it yesterday it looked like this on the local machine port 4567. It appears that NodeBB is running, the logs are normal, just that it is not rendering properly. The links at the top right work, but just go to blank pages.

    I get the same result if I try to access the forum through an nginx proxy.

    Things I've checked:

    • Nodebb is running
    • Redis is running
    • I ran npm up which updated five packages but didn't fix anything.
    • Only thing I noticed is that in the nodebb log it says that nodebb is listening on, should this be
    • There's nothing relevant in the nginx logs either.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated.

    Error screenshot

    Nodebb log:

    Clustering enabled: Spinning up 1 process(es).
    19/2 20:49 [68002] - ^[[32minfo^[[39m: Time: Fri Feb 19 2016 20:49:23   GMT+1000 $
    19/2 20:49 [68002] - ^[[32minfo^[[39m: Initializing NodeBB v0.9.3
    19/2 20:49 [68002] - ^[[32minfo^[[39m: NodeBB Ready
    19/2 20:49 [68002] - ^[[32minfo^[[39m: Enabling 'trust proxy'
    19/2 20:49 [68002] - ^[[32minfo^[[39m: NodeBB is now listening on:
  • @giantkingsquid your redis data is gone.

    you can run ./nodebb setup to start again

  • Thanks mate. Hmm it appears I was running a redis-server that I hadn't told to be persistent. Damn. Thanks for the help anyway 🙂

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