Have anyone used Incapsula?

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  • As titile , cloudflare supports websockets only for enterprise plans.
    And Incapsula seems to support websockets for all plans ,
    so I wonder if anyone has successfully run nodebb on incapsula or does it has any other problems.

  • Hmm if I'm correct the NodeBB devs use Incapsula. And I've been looking at it just to make my life somewhat easier.

  • @nanjusoil In general I would not recommend Incapsula because their target customers are more enterprise-related (people who pay). E.g. you wont have SSL encryption with your free plan, you can't purge cache and there is no DDoS protection. (Yes, I am serious. Go to their Plan comparison page and open all the tabs, you'll see a lot more details there.)

    I also didn't see anything about WebSockets being enabled on any plan and have also heard of Incapsula not being sure themselves if they provide them or not.

    @julian said:

    A bit worrysome that we're getting conflicting information from the Incapsula sales team...

    from topic/websocket-domain.

    I have also just created a tutorial on how to use CloudFlare with WebSockets for free here

  • @lenovouser I've seen that. And immediately got scared off by the fact that it's no ddos protection. CloudFlare might have its problems like no WebSocket support on lower plans. But comparing these 2 then Cloudflare is easly the industry standard. And for good reason.

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