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  • Has this been attempted? Basically, I'd like to enable multiple users to work on a single post at once.

  • I doubt this has been explored at all, since this being a forum software in general and not something like Google Docs or any other collaborative software out there in the wild. I would like to see it as something Discourse has with there "Wiki Posts" but I won't suspect it to be even a low priority for the devs.

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    i deleted those topics and recreated using writeapi without set pinned variable. After i set manually.


  • Localized posts plugin

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    I would like to make a forum, but I don't really love the idea of dividing it by languages, so I thought about a plugin that can help a user to translate a thread (so the one who writes it can decide to make a 2nd version of the post for example in English if it's not his first language)...
    Since I'm not really into node dev, I would like to have some opinions about this idea...
    And some technical opinions too (like how to deal with different databases, for example, redis and/or mongo)
    (And I hope this is the right section to post)

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    @PitaJ How many times will // Some code be executed if they are not inside $(document).ready? I know // Some code will be executed once inside $(document).ready.

    Another question, which will be executed first? the code inside $(document).ready or the one outside?

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    @Schamper said:

    Maybe should show some information as to why it's your best post? E.g. views/replies/upvotes.

    I imagine it's purely based on upvotes. None of NodeBB's subjective algorithms are complex in any way, really 😆 (mainly talking about "popular" here)

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    What is the status of this API? I am interested in writing a mobile app for this using the Ionic Framework.