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  • Hello !

    I'm a french student and I discovered Docker few month ago. I think i'ts very usefull for lot of things and to have turnkey solutions. So, when I discovered NodeBB I have wanted to use it with docker.

    But, It seems to does not work properly : Once I can log in, and install plugin, an other time I can't log in : forbidden, an other time again, the admin console seems to does not work (I can't access to differents sub-menus, I don't have any graph).

    Moreover, the admin area says to me You are running NodeBB v0.5.7. and I don't know how to upgrade NodeBB except using docker pull (And I don't have the newer version with that). Also, I start NodeBB with a docker volume (use to data persistence even if the docker is stopped or/and removed) and some plugin are gone when I stop / remove / start again NodeBB (and redis).
    I have tried so many times, using centos version and ubuntu version.

    Can someone help me about install and run correctly NodeBB ?

    Here, my commands to start NodeBB with docker :

    • Update NodeBB and Redis
    docker pull nodebb/docker:centos-redis
    docker pull nodebb/docker:centos
    • Launch Redis
    docker run \
            --name nodebb-redis \
            --restart=always \
            --volume /home/nodeBB/redis/data:/data \
            -d -p 6379:6379 \
    • Launch NodeBB
    docker run \
            --name forum-nodebb \
            --restart=always \
            --link nodebb-redis:redis \
            --env '' \                  #    It's for my nginx reverse proxy
            --env 'VIRTUAL_PORT=4567' \                                #    The same : to access to NodeBB with (without specify a port)
            --env '' \              #    It's for my nginx reverse proxy companion (let's encrypt cert)
            --env '[email protected]' \              #    The same
            --volume=/home/nodeBB/data:/data \                         #    Docker Volume for persistance
            -P -t -i \
  • Have you checked the Documentation?

    Not a pro on docker. But should work. 0.5.7 is only slightly out of date... :squirrel:

  • @a_5mith

    Yes I have already checked it. I have found a docker image created by @nopz, this one is up-to-date. But the official docker image in not! Maybe you (nodebb) should give access to a dockerfile to allow anyone to build a nodebb docker image. EDIT I found the dockerfile, and the problem about this outdated version here. It's outdated because the dockerfile build the image with the v0.5.x version :

    FROM centos:centos7
    MAINTAINER NodeBB Docker Team <[email protected]>
    # install main packages:
    RUN yum -y update ; yum clean all
    RUN yum -y install epel-release tar ; yum clean all
    RUN yum -y install wget ; yum clean all
    RUN yum -y groupinstall "Development Tools"
    RUN yum -y install nodejs git ImageMagick npm
    RUN yum -y install openssl openssl-devel
    # clone nodebb and install it
    RUN cd /opt ; git clone -b v0.5.x nodebb
    RUN cd /opt/nodebb ; npm install
    # Create a nodebb volume
    VOLUME /opt/nodebb
    # Define a working directory
    WORKDIR /opt/nodebb
    # Expose ports
    EXPOSE 80
    EXPOSE 443
    EXPOSE 4567
    CMD [ "node", "app.js" ]

    You should (NodeBB) update this dockerfile !

    End of the EDIT

    Now, with the nopz/nodebb image I just had a problem about plugin persistence. But the first installation is so much easier and automatic with just one docker.

    Thanks for your answer by the way 🙂

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