When doesn't "Custom HTML & CSS" get injected?

  • I think I have determined that anything placed in the "Custom HTML & CSS > Custom Header" does not get injected when a user clicks on their registration email link code. I believe this because my Piwik analytics never detects activity to the /confirm/... urls.

    Are there other pages or events in which the custom CSS or header are not included?

    Thank you.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Hm, are you sure? We don't have any particularly special handling for that route, so it should load the same custom js as other pages...

  • @julian I am fairly confident but not 100%. The Google Analytics plugin is working properly though and I am seeing the /confirm/... urls on the GA dashboard. The only place I have my Piwik javascript tracking code is in the Custom Header area and I am not seeing that traffic on the Piwik dashboard.

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