how to build a development environment in windows 8.1?

NodeBB Development
  • I installed python 2.7,node 0.10.23,redis(another linux machine).
    And I clone the NodeBB source code to my local machine.

    When I run node app I got the errors:

      return, stringToFlags(flags), mode);
    Error: ENOENT, no such file or directory 'D:\node\NodeBB-master\node_modules\nodebb-plugin-mentions\static\plugins\menti
        at Object.fs.openSync (fs.js:427:18)
        at Object.fs.readFileSync (fs.js:284:15)
        at D:\node\NodeBB-master\node_modules\uglify-js\tools\node.js:77:22
        at Array.forEach (native)
        at Object.exports.minify (D:\node\NodeBB-master\node_modules\uglify-js\tools\node.js:74:15)
        at Object.Meta.js.minify (D:\node\NodeBB-master\src\meta.js:318:24)
        at D:\node\NodeBB-master\src\meta.js:297:16
        at D:\node\NodeBB-master\node_modules\async\lib\async.js:533:17
        at D:\node\NodeBB-master\node_modules\async\lib\async.js:119:25
        at D:\node\NodeBB-master\node_modules\async\lib\async.js:24:16
  • @Just1n no such file or directory D:\node\NodeBB-master\node_modules\nodebb-plugin-mentions\static\plugins\menti ons\autofill.js' This is your problem.

    For some reason the file path is incorrect on windows. You will need to create those extra folders and put the files that are missing into the correct location. I have a windows 8.1 environment set up and I had this problem. Its an easy fix.

  • @Scuzz thanks,I fix it easily.

  • @just1n Also fixed the issue on NodeBB, so you won't have to rename folders anymore.

    Thanks @scuzz for the workaround while I looked into this problem 🙂

  • @Just1n i wonder if python is needful... 🙂 maybe this is a foolish qustion but i'am a beginner

  • @sunqi said:

    @Just1n i wonder if python is needful... 🙂 maybe this is a foolish qustion but i'am a beginner

    Don't think it is.

  • @sunqi 安装NPM依赖包的时候,有的包会需要Python2.7版本来编译。你去官网上下一个就好。

  • @Just1n 哦哦 多谢。。btw我已经安装了

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