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    I would like to request psate function for pasting image or embbed video in a post.
    Sometimes I want to forward an article to my forum and discuss with my community. However, the Markdown compose only can paste text. I hope the composer can support pasting image or embbed video instead of text only. Thanks!

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    @AlexFung this is already available (partially). Simply check for the Imgur plugin and also the YouTube-Lite one from @a_5mith.

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    @AOKP I know image and youtube video can be added. What I want to request is direct copy and paste an article with image, text links, embbed videos etc.

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    Links are automatically converted to hyperlinks. If I remember right though, there used to be (a really long time ago) the ability to paste an image from the clipboard into the composer...

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    What you want is a scraper. Be warned. This will get you severely hit in the SEO rankings due to post times and content matching.

    If the site you're after supports RSS. You can use the RSS plugin to pull a snippet of the article and link to the rest. But again. I'm unsure how badly this will affect your search rankings due to content match.

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    @a_5mith I don't familiar with what you've said. Or..
    Are there any function can let user directly copy&paste image from internet?
    If users write article like the image below, they have to do a lot of upload and download action for small icon.

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    @AlexFung you can copy the image location and paste that into the forum. You'll need the imgbed plugin for it to show though.

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    ( U R L ) ". But I still think it's not convenient.

    Perhaps we can request a plugin like custom emoji?
    So we can add the icon that commonly used on forum through selecting from emoji.

    (sorry for bad English, I'm not good at it)

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    The imgbed plugin removes the need for adding in markdown. You just paste the URL of the image and it adds the markdown on the fly using regexp.

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