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    We currently use XenForo for our gaming clan. I'm curious as to what the main differences are as far as security (spam protection) speed, maintenance, management from the administrative end, and other inquiries such as:

    We use a Donation System, Roster Plugin, Recent Threads, and a ticketing system.

    Can NodeBB do this and more?

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    Glad to see some more interest from gaming community's for NodeBB. NodeBB isn' t a classical forum app, meaning that it wont run on a web server running just PHP. Instead you will need a VPS or a dedicated server to run NodeBB, this is due the fact that it runs on NodeJS, Redis and/or MongoDB.
    Besides that NodeBB is faster then XenForo due the use of Redis. The admin panel is to the point and does what its suppose to do.
    Onto the plugins you have installed, NodeBB doesn't posses a donation system but can be done with the API's and the payment gate you like. There also isn't a roster plugin but can be somewhat done with static pages, recent threads is a build in NodeBB functionality (See top header, next to unread) For a ticketing system, there's nothing like that in NodeBB. However you can consider 2 plugins. Question & Answer and Support Forum. Hope this helps you on your track.

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    @soulz2003 I also explored migrating from our current forum (vB5) to Xenforo. While I did really like XF, I moved it to the 'no' pile simply because I don't consider it modern software that would keep users engaged for say the next 5 years. XF is pretty much like all other old-school offerings out there.

    The only 'next generation' forum engines I'm aware of are NodeBB, Discourse, and Flarum, but there might be others.

    Funny story: I setup a small Slack channel to discuss future forum ideas with a few members. After using Slack for only 2 days NO ONE wanted to go back to a 'traditional' forum (NodeBB included). If Slack was free and included a 'Posts' feature I would not be here at all. I emailed the team at Slack about adding these features and also offering a self-hosted version and was told they were already evaluating some of those options.

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    I may not even need a ticket system if I can have my admins subscribe to certain forum topics. I love the way this works, just need to set it up the way we would use it, in a 3 column layout. My site is

    Honestly, I just need to make it work. It flows so nicely, but it needs to be at least functioning like our current website.

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    @soulz2003 as Kowlin said already, many of these features are easy to implemt or already do exist.

    Only the Roster Plugin is new to me. Therefore you maybe want to consider a work around (like with the others) or contact @julian, @psychobunny or @baris.

    They can help you most with custom plugins.

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    Thanks! Will definitely do that 🙂

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    @soulz2003 as you probably noticed. The behavior is that a user automatically gets a notification if he makes the topic. Additional users can follow the topic by pressing the follow button(the eye icon)

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