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    Hi community,

    I'm a software developer (dotNet and JavaScript) and new to nodeBB. Currently I started evaluating nodeBB to use it as an internal forum. I already got it working in that manner but the only point I'm currently stuck is to configure the homepage that so it displays the login-page when a user is not logged-in and the chosen homepage from the admin-settings when the user is logged-in. How can I achieve this? That's one of the my K.O. criterias ...

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    Go to categories and open category settings. You should see a list like below:
    In this case I am only allowing members of the certain group (Enigma) to see or post to that category, but you can see you have lots of option to control access to each category.

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    Some eclectic groups going on there, @arasbm. 😉

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    @arasbm Thank you very much. That''s what I was looking for. As you can imagine, I just didn't dig quite deep enough 😆

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    Aww I actually had a canned response for that, anyhow ye thats pretty much the only way to do it 😉

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