unable to add users to chat room

  • Hi guys,
    I am a new developer who recently just discover NodeBB. It is awesome and I cant wait to get more familiar with it(will definitely contribute when I know enough of it!).

    I follow the steps on how to deploy NodeBB to Heroku and successfully deploy a NodeBB to my heroku space. However when I try to use the chat features It just keep saying "cant -add-users-to-chat-room".
    This is the url: https://protected-caverns-9278.herokuapp.com
    It would be great if you can let me know what is the best way to debug this problem :)


  • I just redeploy the whole thing again step by step, still facing the same issue :( Hope someone can help!

  • Admin

    Please update to latest master, and thanks for reporting.

  • Baris thanks for the reply, I updated it with your latest commit and it works perfect! Thanks for the fast reply and fast fix :)

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