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  • Ko-Fi Webhook Plugin Request

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    Ko-Fi is a simple donation platform that allows people to send tip without too much hassle.

    While they do not have full blown API, they do have webhook that we can redirect to our own endpoints.

    Here's an example of the data that will be sent for a single donation:

    data = { "verification_token": "8c2a3835-4544-4f27-a53a-adfd1fcc5664", "message_id": "b54fa6ec-07c9-44aa-be0e-b0f4095d9145", "timestamp": "2023-07-29T16:27:32Z", "type": "Donation", "is_public": true, "from_name": "Jo Example", "message": "Good luck with the integration!", "amount": "3.00", "url": "", "email": "[email protected]", "currency": "USD", "is_subscription_payment": false, "is_first_subscription_payment": false, "kofi_transaction_id": "00000000-1111-2222-3333-444444444444", "shop_items": null, "tier_name": null, "shipping": null }

    Would be nice if NodeBB have plugin that can act as endpoint so we can hook right here on our Ko-Fi profile

    And have it lists our donators on a page in sorted by date descending.

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    @sweety said in Dear, how can I find personal plugins?:

    I saw a topic presentation at I installed the theme, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Thank God

    See the red box below.


    If you read the topic theres a link for homepage plugin

    GitHub - exo-do/nodebb-plugin-homepage-exodo: Allows you to define a custom homepage for NodeBB

    Allows you to define a custom homepage for NodeBB. Contribute to exo-do/nodebb-plugin-homepage-exodo development by creating an account on GitHub.


    GitHub (

    However both theme and homepage are not updated to newest version of nodebb
    They work ok on 1.4 tho

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    @stephanekassis just want to clarify some things. Are you just looking for stylistic changes?

    Are you looking for the chat window to be "docked" to the bottom of the screen?

    What kind of changes are you looking for?

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    @sanatisharif probably is nodebb-plugin-iframely

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    Link to GitHub
    Now i've really wanted to use this plugin, although there is something theres missing which would really improve the plugin, it's also added on the "TODO" list but i haven't really found any progress on it lately.

    Now I thought if it really would be hard to make a "Select as best answer" option for the person who created the thread, that would automaticly lock the thread and set it as "SOLVED"

    Best Regards,