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    Payment system using stripe with support for subscriptions and one time payments, and can perform actions (ban user, remove from group, etc) if someone charges back the payment.

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    I believe this is possible with some minor theme changes.

    Prior discussion:

    Topic voting like adult swim boards had

    @irenen said in Topic voting like adult swim boards had: How to install this plugin? This plugin was made for adultswim and not downloadable at this moment.


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  • Redirection Plugin

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    If it really is just 100-150 old topics, then an nginx map makes even more sense.

    I can see it from your point of view, that it's easy for NodeBB to do, although I urge you to consider that nginx is very good at what it does, and so having nginx check for an old url to redirect is quite simple.

    For example, if the old forum had topics using this url: /t/<topic id>, then you could write a location block that only responded to that folder, and applied the map to redirect the user based on those topic IDs.

    In one example, we have this map config:

    map $request_uri $mapped_topic { ~^/showthread\.php\?(?<topicId>\d+).*$ $topicId; ~^/archive\/index\.php\/t-(?<topicId>\d+)\.html$ $topicId; default 0; }

    and in the map file itself, we maintain the hash to go from one topic to another.

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    I like the idea of interacting in groups of voice conversation in those platforms they adapt with node.js.

    I mean the function of creating chat rooms and that each user has their avatar.


  • A good embed plugin

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    @a_5mith thanks for the explanation, makes allot of sense