SPA style theme?

  • A question was posed to me about doing this kind of thing for forums. I'm 99% sure that I can hit naked APIish JSON calls for nodebb, but wasn't sure about anything beyond that?

    Has anyone worked in this manner ?

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    Not sure I understand, as NodeBB is an SPA... 😄

  • Is it? I must be parsing the source bad - or using a different definition.

    My read of NodeBB has it still largely rendering on the node side, rather than the broswer aside from the web sockety stuff.

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    templates.js is a hybrid client/server templating engine (or rather, it is platform agnostic, as it is just plain javascript). It runs on server-side when you cold-load a page, and runs in the browser when navigating between pages.

    @psychobunny can provide more details upon request 😄

  • This would explain my confusion.

    Good. Less work for me.


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