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  • Login problem 2.0.1

    Solved Technical Support
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    @murcs You can simply take the file from there and overwrite in your own install.

    For example, if you locate the plugin itself in your folder structure, then open library.js and change

    const utils = require.main.require('./public/src/utils');


    const utils = require.main.require('./src/utils');

    And rebuild, this should then work.

  • SSO google- no icon @login page?

    Unsolved Technical Support
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    I found that google's sso button is in the edit in the profile, but after clicking it shows not found.Currently I am using ssl reverse proxy, do I need to configure redirects?

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    @julian I found this:
    Using the certbot configuration, I edited /etc/nginx/sites-available/default

    Leaving the certbot managed parts as they are, my custom config looks like this now:

    proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Proto $scheme; location / { proxy_pass; }

    The special part is the x-forwarded-proto line, that's what I was needing all along.

    And in /home/nodebb/nodebb/config.json I'm setting the URL with https:

    { "url": "", "secret": "<REDACTED>", "database": "mongo", "port": "4567", "mongo": { "host": "", "port": "27017", "username": "nodebb", "password": "<REDACTED>", "database": "nodebb", "uri": "" } }

    This resolved my problem.

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    @username1001 yes that should work. Then run ./nodebb setup

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    @psychobunny said:

    I wanted persona to be similar to what you're thinking, so you get /recent and then also posts from people you follow.

    The idea is it'll be a card-based interface and you could on mobile swipe away things you weren't interested in or archive stuff for later

    Anyways, I'm running into a brick wall for the desktop version of the UX, so I haven't made much progress on that idea just yet. Open to hearing any suggestions 🙂

    @psychobunny any progress for the card-based theme you talked about here?