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  • (I didn't find any better place to put this , so I thought I can report it here in a topic)
    The bugs are:
    1.Moving some topics : Imagine you want to move some topics of a category in to a sub-category(imagine we have created the sub category before) . you sign-in as your account(which of course is an admin).Then you go to the category .In this part you need to select topics you want to move. Now suppose some topics are not in the list, so you scroll down to reach them . as you are scrolling down more topics are being added to the page automatically. Finally you see and the topic you are looking for then you select it. Now you go back to the top of the page so you can use administrative tools in order to move them all. Now the problem shows up. You see that the topic you had selected after scrolling down now is shockingly unselected . I tried again and again but it just doesn't work and you can't move those topics which will be shown after scrolling down. At the end I changed my profile setting for lists from 'scrolling mode' to 'multiple pages mode' and did what needed to do.

    2.The second bug is a lay out related issue: After I login to my account I see my avatar on the top left corner of the page. When I click on my avatar a box appears which includes my email address and my available statuses and a log out link. The problem is that I can see only half of the box and it seems the rest of it is out of the page. (I have uploaded a photo of this issue. I hope you don't mind that the language in the photo is not english: 0_1450181232312_screensave.png )

  • @sanatisharif bug no 1 is probably because of the reverse infinite load (or whatever it's called).

    Make sure to create an issue for these on the github pages too. Issues reported here may be missed but the ones on the github pages are definitely looked at and fixed.

    This is for NodeBB https://github.com/nodebb/nodebb

    Create the second one on the persona theme github page https://github.com/NodeBB/nodebb-theme-persona

  • @pichalite Thank you so much! I did it.

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