Clear Template Cache?

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  • Are templates cached in some special way that doesn't get cleared on a standard browser refresh? Local storage or something?

    I've tried refreshing and restarting the server and the admin cog is still showing up for every user. I can see that I'm loading a stale version of header.tpl because the cog <li> looks like:

    <li class="{adminDisplay}">

    And I can see the commit that removed that.

  • Hey @medwards, what theme are you using?

    Lavender, in particular, overrides some templates in vanilla, so editing those templates means they won't show up, since NodeBB doesn't look for that template any longer.

    You'll have to edit the .tpl files in the /templates folder in the Lavender theme instead.

  • @julian That was it.

    I had an older version of the Lavender theme with the old style admin template.


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