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    I just came to this forum looking for my nodebb deployment on heroku using mongo database. I wouldnt be using redis for anything. After making local changes, my nodebb is customized. I made mongo and mongodb version entries in the package.json, and ran "make install --production". I am using OS X 10.11 as dev env and deploying to heroku from there. I have run ./nodebb setup which creates local config asking the nodebb host-port, mongo host port etc and then at the end the message is displayed which asks me to start "./nodebb start".
    Now after I installed the above, I assumed that heroku would pick up the changes when I do "git push heroku master". If not, then what got changed as a result of setup above? If it is config.json, it wouldn't be picked because it is listed in .gitignore.
    How do I deploy my local setup changes to heroku?

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    I've been trying to do this. I used git add config.json before pushing and that worked. Started the app from the console. It starts, connects to the db, says NodeBB is now listening on: Great.

    But I'm stuck there, I do heroku open and no dice. Application Error. Logs say App crashed, code=H10

    I don't understand this heroku thing. Maybe you'll have better luck after pushing that config.json.

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