Can no longer modify partial templates 0.9.1

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    While on 0.9 i made a few changes to the nodebb\public\templates\partials\post.tpl (nothing major). This worked fine on 0.9 - but after upgrading to 0.9.1 and re applying the changes they disappear after starting nodebb. The template file reverts back - has something changed in 0.9.1 that is recreating these files? Should i be changing another file now?


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    @whitts are you reloading NodeBB after applying the modifications?
    Otherwise it will not work.

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    Yes.. As soon as i reload or restart, the template files are regenerating (wiping my changes). It didnt do it on 0.9

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    Those files ain't made for customization.
    You're supposed to edit template files within your theme (or plugins for specific ones).

    I'm not sure whether it didn't overwrite those within 0.9.0, but it was supposed to do I guess.

    Best approach is to build a new theme, based on your current one.
    This way you only have to create the template files you want to overwrite and it's the clean way.

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    Yup you are right.. I did a search for my changes prior to upgrading and my search brought me to \public\templates\partials\post.tpl file instead of the one in the persona theme..

    I just made the changes in the theme folder and everything looks good again.

    Thanks for your help

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