[Solved] Admin Themes Interface - broken api?

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    EDIT: just a browser cache thing... delete this to avoid clutter, maybe?

    I just upgraded to 0.3.1 plus some custom stuff. When I click themes it spins on "Checking for installed themes" but never loads it.

    I checked the log and see

    warn: [socket.io] Unrecognized message: api:admin.themes.getInstalled

    I checked the commit history and see this:

    I don't think I messed with anything that could have caused this...

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    Hm, does clearing your cache help? We refactored the web sockets backend awhile back...

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    @julian doh. I've done that so many times today, not sure how I missed it this time.

    Yes, I swapped branches from an older version and my browser didn't keep up.


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    Hmm. I guess I can't delete the thread and now having deleted the anchor post leaves this thread pretty garbled.

    For anyone else reading this was a silly browser caching thing, not relevant.

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    I restored the main post.

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    Are you guys going to address who can delete, move a topic. Giving every registered user the right or privilege of deleting/moving topics could be very bad for some very active forums, don't you think.

    Reserving that privilege (of deleting/moving a topic) I think should be reserved for the admin or somebody in the admin group. Just my $0.02.

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