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    Add custom Page, f.e. start

    Choose this Page from Settings:

    Modify the Page template from Extend->Widgets:

    Save, and voila:

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    I would like to POST (send) some form data to a webserver using cURL on a terminal-prompt.

    This is what I got so far:

    curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8" -H "Authorization: Bearer 7ae9463c-146d-440d-b729-890c73bb9d46" --data "title=I Love You" --data "content=我真的不爱你" --data "cid=1" http://localhost:4567/api/v2/topics

    The problem is that the chinese word ("我真的不爱你") are replaced by "����IJ�����" when I browse the website page.

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    Hi, all:

    Are there plans to update this for 2.0? The formatting in this one looks easier for users than the formatting in nodebb-plugin-btn-spoilers, so I would prefer to use this.

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    That's one way of doing it. There's a similar plugin that auto posts from RSS feeds: https://github.com/barisusakli/nodebb-plugin-rss

    So perhaps you can change the code where it parses an RSS feed to reading the twitter feed instead. Or use an twitter to RSS service like https://twitrss.me/

    If you wrote an IFTTT plugin though, that would be pretty cool 🙂

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    @efraimip I don't believe this specific plugin is supported anymore.

    Does a tool like this exist now, or is it in the works?

    There is nodebb-plugin-customize when you want to make quick modifications to templates or translations. Between that and Custom CSS in the ACP you can modify most aspects of your theme without creating a new theme or subtheme.

    99% of all posts in the "nodebb themes" forum are questions - not themes (I found actually only 1 single actual theme in searching many pages of that forum)

    Here are some themes I know of that I think are still maintained:

    nodebb-theme-persona (first party, default) nodebb-theme-lavender (first party) nodebb-theme-vanilla (first party) nodebb-theme-oxide nodebb-theme-slick

    I like allot of what nodebb offers but it seems less supported now - and less plugins available - than a few years ago.

    NodeBB has adopted many plugin features into core.

    How do we easily customize theme now? Without putting dev hours into it?

    I'm not sure what exactly you're referring to by "dev hours", but obviously you can't get something for nothing. Somebody needs to know how to use HTML and CSS, even with this defunct plugin.