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    @taaliman-0 said in Need Mongo to Postgres converter for NodeBB 2.x:

    The forum runs on 6 dedicated servers with mongo replication, redis cluster and balancer at the nginx level.

    Seems like you've ticked most of the boxes. I wonder, however, if you have explored mongodb sharding?

    Sharding — MongoDB Manual



    I prefer PostgreSQL. Hence, my latest putzing about is with postgres. And MongoDB's licensing games are a concern. But I don't think it sucks as bad as being portrayed here. Especially when you've not implemented sharding, which is what I was referencing here:

    @gotwf said in Need Mongo to Postgres converter for NodeBB 2.x:

    Mongodb scales horizontally very well.

    @volanar Uh, yeah, I now recall we discussed this previously. Not consistent with my last round of testing, which has admittedly been some while.

    YMMV. Have fun! 🐕

  • ./nodebb status

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    When I run circled command , above error occurred

    Now this error is coming
    configure: error: cannot run C compiled programs.
    If you meant to cross compile,
    use --host.

    See config.log for more details

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    Oh sorry are you talking about running a cluster of processes for a single forum, or running multiple forums on the same server?

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    @spwolf unless you applied custom css on your site to make the icons and text smaller, there shouldn't be any difference. Persona theme is used as is on this site. I am sure that there is no custom css applied here.

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    @luukholleman I think it will all depend on how skilled you are in Javascript. NodeBB has an inbuilt api so shared user authentication will be rather easy.

    Because of the API, Your chats / notifications should be able to be done rather easily too. Just need to get the user to login via nodebb's login then you can pull notifications. How you do that is up to you and how you make it notify is also up to you.

    Nodebb as the forum link. Yeah thats easy. Put nodebb in a dir of "forums" and then just link to it 😛

    Moving away from php is a good idea and seeing as nodebb and angular both use node.js it looks like you are going with the right forum software.