chat notification problem on V 0.9.0

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  • Hi there,
    since version V0.9.0 I noticed two strange things with chat that I didn't had before (on my own server)

    • even if I'm connected (but nodebb tab on browser is not the active one) on nodebb, sometime I receive the mail notification
    • the 2nd is that I receive notification popup (bottom right on browser screen) 2/3 min after the message is displayed on my screen, so I've already read it

    Is it just me ?


  • I believe the chat notifications only occur when you are not directly focused on the chat itself. The notification will also be delayed by about a minute just in case more messages come in.

  • @julian
    that makes sense, but from my point of view (user view) the way it worked before was much efficient, let me explain :
    when I was connected with browser but not on the same tab I was hearing sound notification and number in square red on the nodebb tab was increasing, so easily I selected nodeBB tab to do response and get back to another working tab that was simple and easy
    Today even if I'm connected but not on tab I'm totally spammed by mail on response. And when I'm on nodeBB tab, I get notification from message I received before I was on this tab, but as I'm now on node BB Tab, why I'm notified ?

    To be simple, when I'm chatting and doing other thin in same time, I see conversation + Conversation notification I've already seen + mail notification, just sometime amazing

    It could be interesting how other chat users feels on this ? but trust me, guys I'm talking with on chat feel the same way 😉

  • @julian
    Sorry forgot this one, mail notification settings says
    "Send an email if a new chat message arrives and I am not online"
    And I receive one even if I'm connected (but not on same tab) which does not match option configuration 😉

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