Purge topics without deleting category?

  • Hello,

    Is there a way to delete all topics in a category without it deleting the actual category?

    Ive been testing on my forum for a while and want to remove all of my "Testing Post" topics.. but dont want to have to re=setup the category.


  • Admin

    When in category view, you can click the left-hand side avatar to expose a checkbox. Once one topic is checked, you can hold the shift key and click the last topic in the page to select everything in between as well.

    Delete at will.

  • Thanks i didnt know the checkbox exsited 🙂 but..

    What i meant was is there a way to purge them so they don't show up in the category at all (when i delete they show as deleted). My test topics weren't "professional" so to speak so i don't want people to see them.

    I guess i am basically wanting to purge a category without deleting the actual category


  • 😬 Woops.. Just noticed the purge topic button that appears after deleting.. Moving on..

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