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    Its worth mentioning that NodeBB runs perfectly without Docker. And if I remember correctly it preforms in a more unknown way.

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    @a_5mith Yeah bro you gave me another site to bookmark! Thanks 👍

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    @psychobunny Koding shuts your VPS down after 20 minutes of inactivity on their dashboard site. Which is a little bit...


    But it's great for development needs.

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    Hi there. Im usualy not very active on forums or other things similar to forums. But just to make an example of a good business model for devs:

    From a marketing experts point of view:

    Make a plugin/theme everyone likes (Advertising) Make the plugin/theme free (Advertising) Tell them you can make plugins/themes for money (Advertising) Take jobs, make money (Income)

    As for a marketplace:

    make everything what is in the marketplace free pictures and descriptions of every plugin/theme Links to devs/contacts where you can order a personalized theme/plugin
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    @julian yep, talking about that one. I've actually done some testing with a web app I developed on the performance between jQuery and vanilla JS. It's only sometimes that vanilla is really faster. (I did manage to get one jQuery routine from about 300ms to ~14ms with vanilla JS though!)