Redis used memory

  • Hey,

    I get this info

    Redis Version 3.0.5
    Uptime in Seconds 357,824
    Uptime in Days 4
    Connected Clients 22
    Connected Slaves 0
    Blocked Clients 0
    Used Memory 1.48M
    Memory Fragmentation Ratio 6.34
    Total Connections Received 25
    Total Commands Processed 360,234
    Instantaneous Ops. Per Second 76
    Keyspace Hits 151,557
    Keyspace Misses 56,461

    Everytime I refresh my dashboard redis info tab, I get 1 more connected client and obviously the memory is going up.

    Is that something that is supposed to be happening? Should I report it as a bug? let me know

  • Anime Lovers

    I'd make a backup of your DB just in case something goes wrong.

  • did you check the number of connections after one or two minutes again? I assume that the additional connection is triggered by your refresh and will be closed after some time


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