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Feature Requests
  • It's pretty easy to add images to posts in NodeBB, but I was just thinking that once an image been been uploaded, there's no easy way to manage it. For example, to delete an uploaded image requires digging in to the filesystem. So I think a really cool feature to have would be image management from the ACP, perhaps in the same fashion as, say, WordPress.

    Still on the image aspect, how about a feature that scales down the dimensions of the image shown to users, so that regardless of the dimensions of an image, the maximum size shown will not exceed a configurable width/height.

  • @planner I thought large images are already restricted so they do not exceed the width of the container...?

  • @julian I realize this is so much necro; however I was wondering if there are plans to have some user/admin feature to remove images you accidentally uploaded or changed out to a different one?

    I experienced this myself in that I had to login to the server and delete some images.

  • Depends... perhaps you can expand on what you want to do...

    It's harder to have an image management facility when you're using a 3rd party uploader though.

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