nodebb-plugin-emailer-local installed, but can't send mail

  • After reading I have installed the with npm. Then successfully restarted nodeBB and nginx.

    The plugin is marked active in Admin › Extend › Plugins and I am able to see its configuration page at Admin › Plugins › Emailer (Local). I have inserted the settings for my local Postfix server.

    However, when I go to Admin › Settings › Email and try to send a test mail, nodeBB says: “Error: No email plugins were loaded, so a test email could not be sent”.

    I have installed nodeBB as per the documentation, currently running v0.8.x.

    Did I miss something? Or should I try something else to use my local MTA for mailing? I really don’t want to use a third party service for mailing.

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    What version of the plugin are you using? You need 0.2.1 for 0.8.x I believe.

  • 0.2.2 according to npm:

    npm install git://
    nodebb-plugin-emailer-local@0.2.2 node_modules/nodebb-plugin-emailer-local
    ├── path@0.4.10
    └── nodemailer@0.6.5 (public-address@0.1.1, directmail@0.1.8, he@0.3.6, readable-stream@1.1.13, simplesmtp@0.3.35, mailcomposer@0.2.12)

    Should I downgrade to 0.2.1? Or rather post a bug report on GH?

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    Downgrade to 0.2.1 and let me know if it works.

    My mistake for publishing 0.2.2 it should have been 0.3.0 because of the breaking change.

  • With 0.2.1 it works. Thank you very much!

  • This post is deleted!

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