Question about Nodebb-plugin-sso-oauth callback functionality

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  • Hi! I have been working on this for a few days, and could use some insight.

    I am working on setting up the Oauth SSO plugin for Nodebb, and have gotten pretty far- I am able to exchange a hash of my client secret and ID for a token, and then redirect the user to the login page. The callback URL is as specified- a relative URL pointing to /auth/<name>/callback, and it looks like my SSO service (custom in house auth system) is making the callback. However, it looks like I am stuck in a loop where the callback just sends a new auth request!

    Where is this callback behavior handled? I've been reading through the libraries and tracing the route the application takes, and I am able to get all the way up to the point I send the redirect, but loose the trail after that.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • nvm. Ended up ditching the plugin and just extending NodeBB, which works a lot better for my needs

  • Hi, sorry no one got back to you about that. Maybe @julian knows? It would be better to have the plugin handle it correctly so your upgrade process is more smooth

  • I am having the same problem... Have there been any updates on this?

  • I am also getting this issue, is there a way to handle the callback routing?

  • A loop suggests that there was an error with routing... the OAuth process starts off with /auth/yourplugin and the callback should be /auth/yourplugin/callback

  • @julian And where is /auth/yourplugin/callback handled? Because in the case of nodebb-plugin-sso-oauth it takes to the homepage of the forum. But i want to change that behaviour and i don't know where or how.

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