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    I would like to see 3 gender to select from, and each gender be tied to their own group; so that later extensive permissions can be applied to this group.

    The 3 genders would be: Male, Female, Intersex. Countries like Germany, India, Australia, and Bangladesh all officially support a third gender(intersex). Intersex is those born with both characteristic's like genitally. We are not talking about transgender, those that change gender or cross gender. We're talking about those who were born this way.

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    Hey @Xarcell -- I think we talked about adding hooks to the codebase so that extra profile fields could be specified by plugins, but I believe we haven't gotten as far as implementing it yet. Sounds like something that needs to be done, however.

    We wouldn't be adding these options into core, however, as we want to keep the options as minimal as possible.

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