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    @crazycells yup.
    You can find integration docs here (tl;dr you need to implement WOPI protocol for file access. Which will also work for most other web-based document editors, since that's basically the industry standard. OnlyOffice offers their own API as an alternative, but also supports WOPI. You can find an example server in Node here)

    Install docs are here - from my understanding their primary distribution method is docker, but they do offer native packages if you prefer (looking at you Discourse with your docker-only yet for some reason linux-only installation using bash scripts)

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    Yep maybe an option for this specifiq points

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    It is different than pinning a topic to a category, it essentially puts an important message in a pinned message area so it is easy to find/reference it later. Check slack/discord for an example.

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    @brazzerstop can you share link to your forum so I can get idea of format and number of posts?
    I think can write widget to read all posts, and re-order them.
    I did a small test of this, with the idea that just admin has access to view widget, with click to sort button.

    Technical thoughts:
    What is possible is to read all topicd or posts with write API, e.g.{pid}
    delete them, sort, then rewrite
    But its not best method because new post ids are made.
    I have been wondering whether a bubble sort routine working directly on the database post number field might work. Saves re-writing records, only swapping that field.
    Up till now Ive never managed to get direct Mongo API calls working.
    The NodeBB API however is quite easy to use

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    @phenomlab thanks for your input, i have done it with custom html, css and js