Restarted NodeBB - Everything went poof.

  • I restarted NodeBB and the website crashed. Tried to find out the problem and then saw that the port designator in the config.json had disappeared. Put that back in and when the forum loads back up its back to "default" 4 categories and 0 posts. Can anyone point me in a right direction?

    Some technical information:

    NodeBB 8.1
    Unbuntu 14.04
    LEMP Installed (Nginx)

    I had noticed that when hitting the back button on the web browser, the webpage would go back to the previous page but the theme would switch from Persona to Persona Blocks. It seemed very odd so I went into the Themes and uninstalled Persona Blocks to see if that would fix the issue. I hit restart and that is when everything went down the drain.

  • Community Rep

    The theme caching thing is fixed in 0.8.2, not sure about your db problem though, sounds like maybe it couldn't write to disk. I don't know enough about mongo to help in that area though. 😞

  • @yariplus

    I also think it was MongoDB as well because I noticed that the database was set to "0" (default MongoDB on NodeBB setup) and when I changed it to the nodebb database it was as if it was default. Very frustrating but considering the forum was relatively new, not much was lost.

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